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Canvas Printing


We'll turn your golden moment into a picture perfect work of art! With our top-notch expertise, you can trust us to bring your favourite photos to life! We specialise in canvas printing throughout the country. Thus far we've printed well over 10,000 canvasses in Cape Town alone!

Canvas Printing

Large Format Printing


If you're an engineering or architectural drawing office, we can take care of all your printing needs with our state of the art printing facilities!

Large Format Printing

Local Photo Printing


Support our local photogrpahers by purchasing their photos on printed canvas. Just R60 plus the cost of the canvas print. The photos are beautiful, see for yourself:

Local Photography Printing

Boardroom Prints


We are offering large boardroom wall prints, add on an aerial photography supplied by our partners 'The Flying Camera' and you have a perfect conbination to wow your guests. 

Boardroom Prints


Wild Art PrintingWhen we started the Canvas Printing project, 4 years ago, we soon discovered a huge divergence in the retail prices of the Canvas Printed finished product, for Example an A0 was Retailing from

lowest R1200 up to R2500 depending where you shopped.

Suppliers of printing media though had generally reasonable prices which indicated huge mark ups were being applied on cost of production, putting canvas prints into the realm of the Rich, and out of range of the average person. We have gone for the "canvas for everyone".

With an efficient production unit, carefully chosen top of the range Printer, efficient purchasing and control of stocks, has allowed us to maintain very competitive prices to the public, whilst maintaining a high quality Product. We have many well known professional photographers , Interior decorators as clients, and have supplied the Protea President Hotel in Sea Point with 96 canvas, Houw Hoek Inn and Namaqua Hotel and tours. 


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